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3 ways to enhance your relationship with your healthcare team

Ask for recommendations 

Knowledge can be a powerful tool. Your healthcare team is made up of people who are experts in multiple myeloma (MM). Ask your team if they have any educational resources they would recommend. They may suggest brochures, websites, videos, or even books to help you understand different topics.

Make yourself heard

It can be intimidating to tell a medical professional exactly what you need. But clearly stating what you’re looking for gives your healthcare team the chance to help. For some people, this can mean asking for a breakdown of a new treatment regimen or for the space to express their feelings.

Develop a game plan

Everyone has a particular way they like to work. Partner with your healthcare team and talk about how you can organize your appointments. Maybe that means making time to talk through your feelings. Or it could mean writing down important treatment dates in your personal calendar together.

Every relationship involves a certain amount of give and take

Learn how you can be your own champion with your healthcare team.

Let's recap
  • Ask for recommendations on how to learn more about MM and new treatment options 
  • Set expectations around what you need for each appointment
  • Set up a structure that works for you and your healthcare team

More about community

Your Friends & Family

Lean on the people who have been there with you through it all. 

Advocacy Groups

Find organizations dedicated to providing support.

New Connections

Take part in a new community that inspires you. 

Care Partner Corner

Caring for someone with MM? This section is just for you.

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