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True support


Multiple myeloma (MM) is a chronic blood cancer, which means it can feel like a marathon. One way to endure that marathon is to strengthen your circle of support.

Multiple Myeloma Told True Stories


Meet the people behind the story


was diagnosed with MM in 2010. After her cancer upended her life and career, she found a new purpose by taking an active role in her church and support groups. Mirna passed away in 2022, but her story will continue to live on.



is a painter, muralist, and performer. He finds inspiration in telling the stories of those who might otherwise be overlooked.

Community is everybody around you. It doesn’t have to be a small circle. My community is everywhere.”


Lived with MM for 12 years

Finding strength through those around you

When Mirna was forced to stop working due to her MM, she filled her time instead with hobbies, support groups, and volunteering. This helped her to create a network of new friends with similar interests and experiences.

Where Mirna looked for assistance

Help can be anywhere

You may feel like you need to carry this burden all by yourself to protect loved ones. However, there are other avenues of support you can tap into. Try reaching out to church groups or advocacy groups.

Know who you can lean on

Different people have different strengths. Identify what the people in your life are capable of, so that you know who to ask when you need help with certain tasks.

Relationships change, and that’s okay

This is true regardless of whether you have MM, but MM does add its own unique pressures. Try to remember that people change over time.

Find out how to strengthen your support network and ensure you’re receiving the help you need.


Raising up the pillars of your community

You may find it helpful to connect with these groups of people or organizations.

Your Healthcare Team

Strengthen your relationship with your doctors and nurses.

Your Friends & Family

Lean on the people who have been there with you through it all. 

Advocacy Groups

Find organizations dedicated to providing support.

New Connections

Take part in a new community that inspires you. 

Care Partner Corner

Caring for someone with MM? This section is just for you.

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