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Why is that?

New treatments have greatly improved overall outcomes for people living with MM. Unfortunately, people who are older may not always receive these treatments. This is because some doctors may avoid prescribing some treatments if they think the risk is too high.

A person’s age isn’t enough to predict how well they may tolerate these treatments. Doctors also consider factors like overall physical and mental fitness. Other medical conditions the patient has can also be a factor.

That’s why it’s important to talk to your doctor about your goals for balancing treatment and quality of life.

How to take action
The International Myeloma Foundation provides an MM treatment discussion guide. It can help you have an informed conversation about your goals with your healthcare team.
See the discussion tool 
See what treatments are available now from the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.
Learn about your options
Resources for older adults (as we age)

 Encouragement, education, and tools to help older adults navigate their treatment journey.

The free resources offered through This Is Living With Cancer™ are available to anyone living with cancer and their loved ones, and are not specific to Multiple Myeloma Told True.

View the resources
Let's recap
  • Older people with MM may be less likely to receive timely treatment than younger patients 
  • It’s always hard to predict how a person will tolerate different types of treatment. This uncertainty increases with age
  • Speak with your doctor about your goals for treatment. Ask them about the pros and cons of each treatment option

More about equity

Based on Income

Get helpful resources that can help people with lower incomes make their treatment more affordable.

Based on Location

Look at how living in a rural area can affect access to treatments and how to close that gap.

Based on Race

Learn about disparities in MM treatment for racial and ethnic minorities and how to advocate for the care you deserve.

Partner With Your Doctor

Learn how to build strong relationships with your healthcare team and make the most of your doctor visits.  

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