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How to take action
Take a look at your insurance policy to better understand what it covers. If you don’t currently have health insurance, you can search for and enroll in affordable coverage through 
Search and enroll
The International Myeloma Foundation has a list of programs that can help you cover the cost of treatment.
View the programs
Browse a list of financial resource and assistance programs collected by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.
Explore more assistance
Healthcare Reformed connects patients to resources that can assist with medical bill forgiveness, medication costs, and patient advocacy groups.
View the patient resources
Let's recap
  • Studies show that people with MM who make less money often have worse outcomes. This is because they tend to be diagnosed later, after the disease has begun to spread 
  • People with lower incomes also have a lower degree of access to medical care. They sometimes also experience a lower quality of treatment
  • There are many groups that can help make your treatment more affordable

More about equity

Based on Age

Find out more about the differences in how older patients are sometimes treated.

Based on Location

Look at how living in a rural area can affect access to treatments and how to close that gap.

Based on Race

Learn about disparities in MM treatment for racial and ethnic minorities and how to advocate for the care you deserve.

Partner With Your Doctor

Learn how to build strong relationships with your healthcare team and make the most of your doctor visits.  

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